About Me

Welcome to Patience & Pearls!

My name is Spring Davis. I started this blog to create a community and a resource for women who are navigating or pursuing a career and raising a family. I want to present the multi-dimensionality of work-life balance, as well. I think this includes pursuing a robust spiritual life, savoring delicious food and looking fabulous while spending time with loved ones and pursuing a deeply challenging career path. I often feel that my career dreams are at odds with my equally important yearning to be a mom and have a family, and be well all at the same time. I know that there are women who are successful with maintaining this balance, but their stories are few and far between. There is a need for exposure to women who are “doing it all” and how, especially in how they manage their day-to-day lives. My dream is that this blog will help to create a community where we can share tips and experiences, and curate a blueprint for the next generation of women, so that they can grow up to believe that they don’t have to choose between family and career.

If you have a story to share, write about it and start your own blog! I would love to be friends.