About Me

About Me

Welcome to Patience & Pearls!

My name is Spring Davis. I am a lifestyle blogger, small business owner, wife and soon-to-be mom to a baby boy. I am originally from South Florida but moved up to Chicago in 2017 to pursue my dream at the time, which was attending medical school to become a doctor.

Medical school was great! I was thriving and doing well, but life presented itself in ways that I couldn’t ignore. I was no longer single and in my early twenties without a care in the world. Instead, my priorities shifted and I became strongly family oriented. Being states away from aging parents, being married without family or a strong support system nearby, and now, having a baby, have made me reconsider what I want my life to look like.

I started Patience & Pearls with the intent of exploring what it means to have work-life balance, and I argued at that time that we can really have it all- the dream job, the dream family, the dream lifestyle. With time comes eye-opening wisdom. You can “have it all” if you are willing to make some sacrifices or adjust your expectations. I decided in my own life that it was most important for me to be there for my family: to be able to be home with and raise my kids while they are young, and to take care of my dependent parents. Both of those desires require flexibility on my own terms.

However, like so many others, we are saddled with a large amount of student loan debt, which makes it difficult to choose a more flexible lifestyle in place of a steady paycheck. Being frugal and having a serious plan for your career and your finances can help make those beautiful dreams a reality.

My goal is for Patience & Pearls to be a resource for those of us who are navigating a career, in or out of the home, raising a family, and trying to build a bridge between the life we would like to have and the realities and obligations of right now. That path isn’t always clear cut, and I know have personally struggled with knowing when and how to make that transition.

Whether your journey involves starting your own business or optimizing your balance in your dream job, Patience & Pearls provides resources on managing your money, your time and your wellness to get you on your way to  manifesting your ideal life.

If there is anything you want to know more about that is missing here, or on any of the platforms, please comment or send an email to [email protected]