• 3 Summer Outfits Under $50

    3 Summer Outfits Under $50

    These three summer outfits under $50 can take you from date night, to weekend errands and back, and these pieces are versatile enough to be mixed and matched to give you the biggest value for your dollar.

  • Wellness

    Paula’s Choice Product Review – 2019

    Out of all of these Paula's Choice products, the only two that I can’t live without are the Perfectly Balanced Foaming Cleanser and the 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant, but I do want to look into the ingredients and see if…

  • Family

    5 Tips for Taking Great Engagement Photos

    Hey everyone! I thought I would share a few tips for taking awesome engagement photos! I am not a photographer or a model, I am just speaking from experience. My husband and I just got married in December of 2018,…

  • Finance

    Six Month Debt Journey Update

    Mark and I our on our debt-free journey! If you missed the last couple of articles, we have over $100,000 in student loan debt between the two of us, not including a mortgage that we want to get paid off…

  • Finance

    3 Month Debt-Free Journey Update

    Written November 2018 Three months ago, Mark and I made the decision to start our debt-free journey in earnest. At the time, we had about $15,000 in credit card debt, $100,000 in student loan debt between the two of us…

  • Finance

    Starting Our Debt-Free Journey

    Written August 2018 We have officially hopped on the Dave Ramsey “debt is dumb” bandwagon. Mark and I are getting married in December with plans to start a family in the next couple of years, but being in debt makes…

  • Travel

    Apartment Hunting in Chicago

    Written March 2017 Mark and I are officially renters! We visited Chicago a few weeks ago to check out the city and find a place to live. Since Mark is still busy with school and far away from me in…