Fall Entertainment Favorites

It is no secret that Fall is my favorite season, so of course I have my favorite Fall entertainment favorites that I am excited to recommend. Some of these are Halloween related, others just give a very relaxing Fall vibe. If you are looking for something new to enjoy this season, check out my favorites below!


Music: Autumn Jazz Radio on Pandora

This has been my favorite station to turn on when snuggly Fall thoughts start popping into my head. Last year, I started listening to it in August because I couldn’t wait. I generally like to start listening in September, because to me, Fall doesn’t really start until after Labor Day. It has a dreamy vibe: think leaves drifting down from the trees. It is also perfect for early morning contemplation over a cup of hot Pumpkin Spice coffee. Check out how I made my own blend on this blog post! This station is also a great transitional station into the holiday season. There are a lot of Vince Guaraldi tracks (Charlie Brown) on the station, as well as some jazz pieces that reference some of your favorite holiday tunes. I know not everyone loves jazz, but if you’re curious, check it out.


Movies: Hallmark Channel’s Fall Harvest

You may be very familiar with Hallmark Channel’s Christmas movies, but their Fall-themed movies are also heartwarming. I was thinking to myself the other day, how many iterations of the words Fall, Harvest, Pumpkin, Apple and Love can you have? Like does Hallmark have an AI-generated list of titles that they then fit the scripts to? Anyway, it works. There are so many fun movies about love, apple picking, pumpkin pie baking contests, you name it. Snuggle up in your flannels, turn on your fireplace and jump on these Fall Harvest movies. If you don’t have cable but still want to watch Hallmark, check out Frndly TV. They provide a limited family-friendly channel lineup, including three Hallmark channels, for a low monthly price of $5.99/month, and you can get 7 days for free! 

All the Fall Decorate & Clean with Me Videos on YouTube

I feel like everyone is already on the bandwagon, but I just love watching other ladies who seem to have their life together, get their entire house cleaned and decorated for Fall before Labor Day. These videos are full of Fall inspiration, and they make you want to blow your budget on Fall décor and candles from Target, Hobby Lobby, Kirkland’s, Home Goods, etc. I will watch them decorate with all of these fancy things and get so excited, but realistically, I only buy a couple of items each season from the Dollar Tree or Family Dollar, and it works out just fine. If you are having trouble getting that Fall feeling, check out my favorite YouTuber here!


Favorite Fall Movies and Shows

In this section, I feel like everyone is aware of the movies that I call my favorite, so nothing new. But let me know in the comments if your favorite movie is not included in this list! Okay, here we go. You can’t go wrong with the quintessential Charlie Brown movies. It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown is fantastic, and who doesn’t fall out of their chair laughing each time Charlie Brown gets a rock in his trick-or-treat bag? And then, when Thanksgiving comes rolling around, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is so heartwarming and fun. These movies don’t air on regular TV anymore, but I plan on snagging the DVD collection from Amazon so that I can get around the AppleTV Free Trial.

Another movie we can’t miss during the Halloween season is Hocus Pocus. We actually watched it last Halloween, the night I went into labor with Noah. We always joke that it’s going to be his favorite movie. Aside from the movies, the other show I can’t miss is the ABC’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It’s back this year, and I just have so many memories of getting dinner prepped with my mom while it’s on in the background. I would love to see it in person one day, but my husband was lucky enough to perform in it with his marching band when he was in high school. The parade just kicks off the entire holiday season.


If you are looking for other ways to get into the Fall mood, check out my post on welcoming Fall into your home! What are your favorite things to watch and listen to during the Fall season? Comment below! I am always looking for new ideas. Happy Fall!

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