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Hi! My name is Spring Davis and my dream is for Patience & Pearls to be a community of women who are navigating a career (in or outside of the home) and raising a family.  Patience & Pearls provides resources on managing your money, your time and your wellness to get you on your way to  manifesting your ideal life. We don’t have to choose between family, career and staying well. 

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  • Financial Struggles and Wins in 2020
    We had several financial struggles and wins in 2020, which was a rough year in several respects. The pandemic hit in January, and many of us were economically impacted by all of the subsequent lockdowns and restrictions.
  • Guide to Setting Effective Goals
    It is never too late to create goals, plans or intentions for the year ahead, or check in on the goals you made and assess where you are at. However, if you want to create effective goals, keep reading! I follow the SMART goals template, which you can see used practically in this blog post. Creating goals is such a useful exercise! I have created a worksheet to help us set realistic, achievable, effective goals. In the beginning, I set my intention or thesis statement for the year. This is just a broad overview of what my main goals are. After I write my intention, I break down that overarching idea into domains, under which I list discrete, manageable goals. I think it is easier to reach your goals when they are smaller and more specific. This way you do all of the thinking ahead of time, and then you can just execute. You can use this worksheet for setting your own effective goals. This could be for the new year, or for any project you want to take on.  Sign up below to receive your FREE goal-setting worksheet! Check out my other free resources at this link to help you create the kind of balanced life you want.
  • Christmas Cookie Recipe Round-Up
    The Christmas Cookie Recipe Round-Up is here! I have curated five highly-rated recipes from food bloggers around the internet to help inspire you to try a new Christmas Cookie recipe this holiday season.

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