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My name is Spring Davis, and I am a lifestyle blogger, wife and mom to a precious baby boy. I started this blog with the intent of exploring what it means to have work-life balance, and I argued at that time that we can really have it all- the dream job, the dream family, the dream lifestyle. With time comes eye-opening wisdom. You can “have it all” if you are willing to make some sacrifices or adjust your expectations. I decided in my own life that it was most important for me to be there for my family: to be able to be home with and raise my kids while they are young, to take care of my dependent parents, and to make my mental and physical wellness a priority. I’ve transitioned to pursuing wellness through simple living. Read more about my story here.

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Latest from the Blog

  • Our Minimalist Budget: How We Are Spending like Minimalists for 2022
    I am challenging myself to a minimalist budget for 2022, mostly because we are finally getting settled into our new home and our new routine.
  • Year-End Reflection: 2021
    It was so therapeutic to write this year-end reflection. Acknowledge your trials, but don’t forget to reflect on what you are grateful for.
  • Real vs Fake Tree: Which Team are You On?
    It’s so hard to choose between a real vs fake tree, how do you decide? As Christmas approaches and folks are starting to consider decorating for the holidays, you can usually find people rigidly entrenched in one of two groups: team real tree or team fake tree.

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