the best podcasts for working moms
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The Best Podcasts for Working Moms

Do you listen to podcasts? I am always looking out for the best podcasts for women like me who are interested in wellness, work-life balance and frugality. They are such a great way to receive information, to learn something new and to promote self-improvement. I also really like the idea of learning while I work. I will turn on a podcast at night when I am cleaning up the kitchen or in the morning when I am getting ready for my day. My podcast time is my self-care and my alone time. I like to mix in shows about faith, motherhood, career, frugality and lifestyle, with staples like Freakonomics and Hidden Brain. 


The best part about podcasts is that they are free! I listen on Spotify or Stitcher, but there are several other platforms out there. You can stream, like I do, or download them onto your phone to listen to later. I am usually not an early adopter of technology, but this is actually pretty useful and definitely easy to use. I have a lot of podcast shows that I like to listen to, but these are ten of the best podcasts out there that I am totally resonating with at the moment.


1. Minimalist Moms

This is hands down my favorite podcast! This podcast addresses everyday challenges in motherhood, but from a minimalist perspective. This is not the minimalism that calls for getting rid of everything you own, rather this community seeks out a minimalist lifestyle in which life is boiled down to the most important things, and all the extra is left by the wayside.

2. The Paula Faris “Faith & Calling” Podcast

You may remember Paula Faris from Good Morning America and The View. She left her ambitious journalism career behind to pursue a slower lifestyle with her family in South Carolina. Now, she interviews people who share stories about finding purpose, pursuing a dream, dealing with fear and many more topics. She loves Jesus and she motivates listeners to follow their dreams in this encouraging faith-based podcast.

3. SHE with Jordan Lee Dooley

I love listening to this podcast for encouragement and inspiration from a spiritual perspective. Every time I listen in, I feel like I have my very own personal hype-woman talking to me. This podcast makes me feel like I’m not alone, and is just a positive place to hang out when I’m having a blah day. She covers health and wellness topics, and a little bit of career and financial content is sprinkled throughout. It is just a very well-rounded podcast.

4. Hidden Brain

If you are intrigued by neuroscience and psychology and how it plays out in everyday life, this is such a fun listen. My husband and I used to listen to this on NPR on Sunday nights after the baby went to sleep, because it is always thought-provoking and we end up having some great conversations about the topics presented. Shankar Vedantam is such a great host, and his guests are excellent. I always walk away learning something new.

5. The Beautifully Enough Podcast by Valerie Reynolds

This podcast is like a daily devotional. Valerie tackles tough topics like anxiety and worry and frames them through key verses in the bible. She also covers topics in faith and parenting in her regular episodes, and in her shorter “truth bomb” episodes that air on Thursdays. Everything she says is out of love, not judgment, and after listening, I feel so encouraged. You can find her podcast on Spotify.

6. Frugal Friends Podcast

This podcast is like hanging out with your two best friends, Jen and Jill. They go through common financial questions that millennials are looking for answers to, like “Investing vs Paying Off Your Mortgage Early” and “Eco Friendly Frugality”. I do think that their approach is minimalist, and some of their opinions are just so frugal that I am not sure they apply to my life situation. I listen to them to keep my brain focused on staying on top of our finances and to maintain a general disgust for spending more money than I need to. There’s definitely some tough love there, but it’s a great personal finance podcast.

7. Risen Motherhood

I love this podcast. The co-hosts Emily and Laura are super down-to-earth and fun, like your best friends. Like the title suggests, every episode discusses an aspect of motherhood with a faith-based lens and they come out with new shows every week. If you need some virtual mom friends, hang out with the Risen Motherhood podcast.

8. Dreams in Drive

This podcast was created by one of my college friends, Rayna Campbell. In each episode, she interviews guests who have stories about overcoming challenges and becoming successful in their careers. She talks about entrepreneurship, professional development, and some of her personal story as a new mom. She is always looking for podcast guests, and you can send her a pitch at

9. Work, Love, Pray: Real Talk Grounded in Truth

This podcast is for women who are striving for corporate success through the lens of being a disciple of Christ. Topics include: boundaries, emotions in the workplace, leadership, networking and incorporating faith into your career. 4Word, the organization behind this podcast, is also a great resource for women in the workplace. The purpose behind the organization is to “help women in the workplace reach their God-given potential with confidence.” They also offer formal mentoring programs if you are looking for a Christian career mentor, community groups, and lots of resources for C-level executives. I have really appreciate this podcast since I transitioned back into the workplace after being a stay-at-home mom for almost a year.

10. Frugal Debt-Free Life with Lydia Senn

Lydia Senn keeps it real! What is so refreshing about listening to her is that she brings some of the extreme debt-free culture back down to earth. She realizes that not everyone’s life “fits inside of a cash envelope”. Personal finance is personal, and everyone has different priorities and values that dictate where they decide to spend their money. She doesn’t stand on a soapbox and judge how other people spend money. Instead, her words are full of grace. She discusses topics like guilt around money mistakes, actionable tips on how to build your emergency fund, and how to get back up after hitting rock bottom. Her episodes are on the shorter side at 15-20 minutes, and I look forward to each episode.


So there you have it! These are ten of the best podcasts that are available to listen to for free. There are so many talented podcasters out there with really great messages to share, so even if these aren’t your cup of tea, I am positive that you will find something that you like. Happy listening!

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