• back to medical school

    I’m Going Back!

    I might have needed some time away to heal and reflect, but I kept going. It was a break, not an endpoint. I'm going back to medical school.

  • the best podcasts for working moms

    The Best Podcasts for Working Moms

    Do you listen to podcasts? I am always looking out for the best podcasts for women like me who are interested in wellness, work-life balance and frugality. They are such a great way to receive information, to learn something new…

  • why I left medical school

    Medical School: Why I Decided to Leave

    “Having it all” is a myth. Time is finite, and you can’t do everything well. Some areas of your life will have to accommodate others. I think it is a great exercise to sit down and parse where your time…

  • 5 Career-Ready Outfits

    I know a lot of us have been working from home lately, but I’ve got a round-up of 5 Career-Ready outfits to get you excited for that transition back to that 9-to-5!

  • Avoiding burnout in graduate school

    Avoiding Burnout in Graduate School (And Work!)

    These time management and wellness tips can only get you so far. If you feel like graduate school itself doesn’t make you feel fulfilled, is not giving you a sense of purpose and isn’t necessary for you to do what…

  • 5 Tips for Planning a Wedding around a Busy Schedule

    If you are pre-engaged, engaged and in full wedding planning mode or just curious, you came to the right place. First of all, Congratulations! I am so excited for you in this next stage of your life. For me, once…