• Mother’s Day Gift Guide

    Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and this will actually be my first Mother’s Day as a mother. To celebrate mothers at all stages and ages, I have organized this Mother’s Day Gift Guide for easy shopping.

  • Third Trimester Update

    The third trimester did not go as expected, at all. I intended to write this post at around 36 weeks, but I never made it that far. Baby Noah was born at 34 weeks on November 1st after I went…

  • Celebrating Earth Day with Five Eco Friendly Products

    Here at Patience & Pearls, we are celebrating Earth Day with five eco friendly products that are easy options to introduce your household to a sustainable lifestyle. While we try to be very careful with certain things, like minimizing water…

  • Financial Struggles and Wins in 2020

    We had several financial struggles and wins in 2020, which was a rough year in several respects. The pandemic hit in January, and many of us were economically impacted by all of the subsequent lockdowns and restrictions.

  • goals

    Guide to Setting Effective Goals

    It is never too late to create goals, plans or intentions for the year ahead, or check in on the goals you made and assess where you are at. However, if you want to create effective goals, keep reading! I…

  • Christmas Cookie Recipe Round-Up

    The Christmas Cookie Recipe Round-Up is here! I have curated five highly-rated recipes from food bloggers around the internet to help inspire you to try a new Christmas Cookie recipe this holiday season.

  • holiday season outfit

    Holiday Season Outfit Ideas

    Need some holiday season outfit inspiration? Look no further. Holiday season is upon us, which means lots of parties to dress up for.

  • womens holiday gift guide

    Women’s Holiday Gift Guide

    The Patience & Pearls Women’s Christmas Gift Guide 2021 is here! This simplified guide is great for those of us looking to shop for our moms, sisters, besties, and other women in our lives.

  • Nesting in the Third Trimester

    Nesting in the third trimester is pretty common. Pregnant women get this huge surge of energy or motivation to start preparing for the baby’s arrival. This can include cleaning, organizing and rearranging things. I’m currently in the third trimester and…