• real vs fake tree

    Real vs Fake Tree: Which Team are You On?

    It’s so hard to choose between a real vs fake tree, how do you decide? As Christmas approaches and folks are starting to consider decorating for the holidays, you can usually find people rigidly entrenched in one of two groups:…

  • Christmas Cookie Recipe Round-Up

    The Christmas Cookie Recipe Round-Up is here! I have curated five highly-rated recipes from food bloggers around the internet to help inspire you to try a new Christmas Cookie recipe this holiday season.

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    Holiday Season Outfit Ideas

    Need some holiday season outfit inspiration? Look no further. Holiday season is upon us, which means lots of parties to dress up for.

  • womens holiday gift guide

    Women’s Holiday Gift Guide

    The Patience & Pearls Women’s Christmas Gift Guide 2021 is here! This simplified guide is great for those of us looking to shop for our moms, sisters, besties, and other women in our lives.