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My name is Spring Davis. I am the blogger behind Patience & Pearls, a small business owner, wife and soon-to-be mom to a baby boy. Whether your journey involves starting your own business or optimizing your balance in your dream job, Patience & Pearls provides resources, including this free Work From Home Guide, to help you manage your money, your time and your wellness to get you on your way to frugally manifesting your ideal life. Learn more about me here and take a look around on the blog.

Working from home is both freeing and uniquely challenging. While you have the flexibility to wear what makes you feel comfortable and have access to all of the amenities and comforts of home, home can be a distracting place. The structure of waking up and leaving to go to a place of work is gone. This can affect how well we work, making it hard to focus. Meanwhile, the responsibilities of home life, like cleaning, watching the kids or interacting with a spouse or partner are ever present. We feel like we are being pulled in so many different directions, and in ways we did not experience before. If this all sounds familiar, sign up below to receive your FREE Work From Home Guide to maximize your productivity while working remotely.

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